What Causes Cracks and Other Damage to Chimneys?

- A chimney that is the frequent site of large, hot fires can suffer cracks because of it. Also, a damaged liner or a buildup of creosote can cause a fire in the fireplace to climb up the chimney and damage it. Even though chimneys are built for the purpose of safely containing fires, the truth is that the heat can threaten their durability. ..More

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The Challenges Associated with Inspecting Skylights

- Also look for signs of water damage indoors on the ceiling or in the attic, such as mold, wet or pulpy wood, or bubbling or discolored paint. ..More

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What You Need to Know About Inspecting for Wood Destroying Organisms

- Favorite targets are decks, sheds, and attics. Some also have sawdust underneath. Telltale signs of a carpenter bee infestation are pinky-finger-sized holes in wood that appear to have been drilled with a power tool — that’s how smooth and even they are. Wood, or carpenter, bees also burrow into lumber and destroy it. ..More

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6 Tips for Sump Pump Inspections

- . They’re not cheap, but they’re cheaper than the water damage that can result from a flooded basement. Many homeowners who have basements or crawl spaces that suffer water infiltration opt to install sump pumps ..More

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Electrical Concepts and Terms All Home Inspectors Should Know

- Examination of this box is an important part of your home inspection. . Electrical connections in the form of circuit breakers are housed in a metal box securely fitted with a lid. Electrical panel/box: The electrical panel is where electricity comes into the home from the public utility ..More

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