6 Deck Inspection Tips for Home Inspectors

- The ASHI Reporter points out that although in some areas, regulations for decks improve their safety and durability, the truth is that many decks were constructed before these regulations were made, or without the benefit of a permit and inspection. In some cases, you may be asked to inspect decks that have never been held to the safety standards currently on the books. ..More

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Tips for Handling Healthy Housing Inspections

- Because of this, a certified mold inspector certification can help you stand out against other home inspectors in your area, even in crowded markets. Medicine Net says a house that contains or gives off toxins or impurities can make you sick. But the types of substances that often make for a sick house — lead, mold, radon, asbestos — are not usually part of a standard home inspection. Radon certification courses are also a good feather to add to your cap. ..More

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How to Manage Client Complaints about a Home Inspection

- Thank them for letting you know about the problem and tell them you need to check your report and will call them back. Regardless, every complaint should be treated seriously. Listen to the homeowner carefully and make notes on whatever they tell you. ..More

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Inspecting an HVAC System for Duct Leaks

- The concept is the same with AC systems. Leaks are bad because they’re wasteful. When warm air seeps from the ducts, less of it comes out of the heat registers, and homeowners have to turn the thermostat up higher in order to remain comfortable. . They cost the homeowners money, and they are left uncomfortable to boot. But the more heat they use, the more they waste ..More

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What You Need to Know About an A/C System Inspection

- Depending on where you work as a home inspector, air conditioning may be a standard part of every household, or it might be a fairly uncommon sight. But in Maine, the windows are the air conditioners. . In Florida, you can hardly live without it ..More

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