What Are the Standards of Practice for Inspecting Homes with Swimming Pools?

- Slides and diving boards are less common with modern pools because of the liability involved. Many insurance companies balk at providing extra insurance for a pool with these features. Note on your report if these are present and the liability they bring. ..More

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Does Your Home Inspection Include the Location of Switches and Outlets?

- You should also check each outlet with your multimeter. It will tell you if the outlet is working, if the polarity is correct, and if it is grounded. Any outlets that fall short in any categories should be noted. ..More

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Top Books and Resources for Home Inspectors

- It’s exciting to embark on a new career, and it’s rewarding to learn the material, take the exam, pass it and get your home inspector’s certificate. But the learning doesn’t stop there. You can find excellent tips, tricks, and advice in these books that delve into everything you need to know about a home’s structure and systems. ..More

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Tips for Handling Healthy Housing Inspections

- Medicine Net says a house that contains or gives off toxins or impurities can make you sick. But the types of substances that often make for a sick house — lead, mold, radon, asbestos — are not usually part of a standard home inspection. Because of this, a certified mold inspector certification can help you stand out against other home inspectors in your area, even in crowded markets. . Radon certification courses are also a good feather to add to your cap ..More

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Top 10 States for Home Inspectors Right Now

- The real estate market is dependent on the economy, so it’s up and down. The two main factors affecting the home inspection business are real estate trends and location. Land and homeowners can wait for prices to come back up — real estate is almost always a good investment — but it can be harder for a home inspector to wait out the trend. ..More

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